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Remove borders with intouch

Professional network, nonprofit organization, sports club or educational institution
Your community is alive as long as all members participate in
Get “intouch” to empower your community

Act together despite separate locations

Share more memories and give feedback

Adopt community values, increase engagement

Be more transparent and alive

Customize Your Experience

Each community has its own needs
Make your own decisions about your platform


Strengthen user engagement through a white-label mobile app

Single Sign On

Single id & password to login your account

User Profiles

Customize profile fields according to your community needs

Cloud/On Prem

Choose the right storage for your organization

Create your package according to your preference

intouch's flexibility in interaction is also with you in purchasing
Proceed with the standard package, or let's create the package that suits best for your number of members, data storage preferences and member management style

intouch Standard License Package

Management Panel Web Application

IOS & Android Mobil Applications

Access to All Modules Offered in Mobile Application and Management Panel

Multi Language Support

1 Domain That Connects All Members

White Label Customization

1 Year Live Streaming Subscription on Vimeo

Cloud Server Installation

1 Year Support and Maintaince

Onboarding Service

Admin User Training

1 Year Update Subscription

For intouch experience

Join those who have experienced intouch

Take action today to digitize your community and increase your engagement