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A Big 'Hello' to the New Member of the Team

A new business environment, a new sports club or a new association membership… Being 'new' in a community is both a very pleasant and oddly disturbing feeling. It usually takes time and effort to get to know that community, to understand their common culture, to grasp what they laugh and what they react to.

The new member of the team, especially if she/he is an introvert, usually extends this adaptation process over a long period of time. She/he wants to observe the reactions of others before expressing her/his own feelings and thoughts. If the team / community consists of sharing individuals who are ready to express themselves, our “new” friend's job is a little easier.

However, in communities where the team is also shy and the 'we spirit' cannot be fully created; People who do not understand the common purpose and do not share anything with each other continue to stand side by side only in a certain building / environment / under a roof of a particular name until the moment of rupture approaches. It is very difficult to survive in these environments and to be a “new” person.

Do not be pessimistic right away, you have a key to overcome this situation. That's a big 'Hello'. Just say 'hello' to the new friend and start listening to her/his story. Who knows, maybe you also share something, unwittingly you start putting the first stones of a common culture side by side :)