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Are We In Touch?

Every name has a story. Short or long; worth telling or doesn't need to be overlooked. Our name 'intouch' is short but worth explaining.

Our search for communication, which started in 2017, led us to develop a mobile platform. In the past 3 years, we have grown, learned, evolved and developed with our users.

At every step we are fed by emotions, usage habits, prejudices and expectations. We were so close and in touch with our users that all name alternatives except 'intouch' eliminated themselves one by one. Our name, 'intouch', the word that best describes us, took its place with these feelings.

intouch is today the main point of contact for intra-community communication of us and our business partners who have taken this journey with us, just as we imagined in 2017. As long as communication continues, it will continue to evolve, develop and stay in touch with you.