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How to Build an Alumni Network?

Graduating from a school doesn't have to mean losing all contact with the friends. A corporate alumni network enables to maintain lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

Building a successful alumni group can be challenging, but it makes your effort worthwhile considering the benefits.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start by questioning why you need it:

Why do you want to create an alumni group? What are your goals and how will you reach people? A software you can use for your community can save time and effort. However, your alumni network will still need a human touch! Who will create the content and resources for the community?

To answer these questions, you must first make sure that you have sufficient resources in terms of workforce and budget.

2. Choose the right technology:

You have to decide how to technically manage your platform.

Public social media apps are free but not specifically designed for community engagement and growth. An application that will be entirely aimed at graduate management provides the creation and management of the network. In this way, it becomes easier for graduates to stay in touch with each other and interact with each other through content and activities.

A completely custom platform that will allow you to easily import and export member data, update data, track profile changes and search data.

3. Create your engagement strategy:

The success of your alumni community will depend on whether you can engage alumni.

When considering content that will be of interest to your alumni, first consider your reason for creating this network. For example, do you want graduates to seize new job opportunities, send each other job advice? You also need to find the type of content your community is interested in. For example, do they want industry news, mentoring opportunities, and/or networking opportunities? Content that combines your goals with the needs of graduates will be highly effective.

Here are a few ideas:

  • You can create an employee referral program.
  • You can organize a 'ask the expert' series that invites graduates to share their expertise on specific topics.
  • You can create an online job board with job postings on the platform and let members create job notifications...

4. Promote your alumni platform:

Promote the existence of your alumni network through your school and social media platforms.

Check to see if former alumni have created their own networks on publicly available platforms to stay in touch. Get in touch to find out if they want to be a part of your alumni group that will be completely tailored to you. They'll likely be interested in joining a larger, professionally managed network, and you'll be left with some fun sharing on your group's dedicated platform :)